When We Was Fab - Coming Soon!

Hello music lovers!
Get ready to rock because in June 2024, we're celebrating the 60th anniversary of The Beatles' epic trip to Australasia. Here at Woodslane Press, we are thrilled to drop "When We Was Fab".: Inside The Beatles Australasian Tour 1964 by Greg Armstrong and Andy Neill. This gem of a book spills the beans on The Beatles' wild ride with loads of never-seen-before pics and juicy stories.

Soaked in History: Back in '64, The Beatles blew the minds of Aussie and Kiwi kids, leaving a mark that still resonates today. "When We Was Fab" digs into this cultural earthquake, showing how The Beatles shook things up in the music scene and beyond.

All-Access Pass: Armstrong and Neill take you backstage, giving you the scoop on what really went down during The Beatles' Australasian adventure. From crazy fan moments to private snapshots, this book serves up the ultimate backstage pass.

Let's Party Like it's '64: More than just a band tour, The Beatles' visit sparked a whole movement, showing that being young was about breaking rules and making noise. "When We Was Fab" brings back that rebellious vibe, inviting you to relive the thrill of Beatlemania.

Wrap-Up: Join us in June 2024 for a trip down memory lane with "When We Was Fab." It's a love letter to The Beatles and their legendary journey that still has us tapping our feet and shaking our hips.

Be sure to get your Pre-Orders in today, the first shipment is selling fast!

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