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At Woodslane Press, we believe in the power of collaboration.

Woodslane Press primarily works collaboratively with authors under the traditional book publishing process whereby the author supplies all the contents (text, images and any supplementary material such as map briefs) and Woodslane Press organises and funds all the production processes, including editing, design/layout and printing. 

Sales and distribution are organised by Woodslane’s logistics and distribution company. Authors are encouraged to work with Woodslane Press on publicity and promotion. Authors receive royalty on all sales and licensing of their books and on any associated commercial media (such as ebooks). The author may buy copies of their own books at an agreed discount off the RRP to sell independently if they wish.

There are times where a proposed book should be put into publication, but Woodslane Press does  not foresee sufficient sales to justify full investment, In such cases Woodslane will entertain an arrangement whereby the Author could  co-fund the project and/or commit to buying an agreed number of copies.

If you have an idea for a book that you think would complement the existing non fiction range of Woodslane Press books, simply fill out the form below. Please indicate in your email your name and contact details, your proposed book title and a brief biography (focusing on why you are qualified to write this book). Also please include or attach a synopsis of the book, a sample of the book (with photographs if they are a critical component) and a summary of the book’s market and how you would help us reach that market.

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