Grampians Peaks Trails
Feel like going on a hiking trip to Victoria? The Grampians Peak trails are picturesque and full of many trails to start your next adventure.

Julie Mundy & Debra Heyes partnered together to put together one of the most comprehensive trail guides for this area. This is one of the best times of the year to head down to the Grampians as the cooler weather approaches making for enjoyable hikes.

Discover the breathtaking beauty and thrilling challenges of Victoria's Grampians Peaks Trail! Spanning 164 kilometers from Mt Zero to Dunkeld, this multi-day adventure takes you through three stunning mountain ranges. Over 13 days, you'll experience elevation changes comparable to climbing Mt Everest. Packed with vibrant photos, detailed maps and planning tips. This guide offers walk notes for each of the 8 official day walks, catering to both day hikers and campers. Choose from flexible itineraries ranging from 1 to 13 days, with options to customize your journey. Dive into local history, environment, and wildlife as you embark on this unforgettable hiking experience.

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Happy Hiking! 

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