David Scott, Group CEO of the Woodslane Group, including Woodslane Press, has been involved in the publishing industry in various roles for over 40 years, starting with McGraw-Hill in 1979. He founded Woodslane in 1989 and Woodslane Press in 1994.


Andrew Swaffer, the Publisher at Woodslane Press since 2006, also has a long career in the industry, starting out in 1990 with Hodder & Stoughton UK (now part of Hachette), and including stints with Footprint Handbooks (UK) and Random House. He has been an author of travel guides himself (for Footprint), including the Footprint Australia Handbook. He is supported at Woodslane Press by a talented team of editors, designers, illustrators and printers.


Other key members of the Woodslane/Woodslane Press team include:

Andrew Guy, Managing Director - Sales and Marketing

Taylor Scott, Managing Director - IT and Operations

Helmut Weber, Finance and Operations Director

James Valtorta, Logistics Manager

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