Because Our Fathers Lied


From Boer to World War: Australia's Baptism by Fire

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Paula Astridge
ISBN: 9781922800183
Release Date: 07/12/22
Pages: 220


Paula Astridge is an Australian award-nominated author. She was born in the NSW country town of Inverell in 1958, and later based in Sydney, worked for Rolling Stone Magazine and the newspaper industry, before co-founding a successful advertising agency and pursuing her writing career on a full-time basis. Her first three books: Golden Boy, In the Way of the Reich and Kill The Fuhrer focus on WW2, respectively profiling the controversial Albert Speer; Hermann and Albert Goering; and the failed German conspiracy to assassinate Hitler in 1944. Moving then to concentrate on the largely unknown role that Australia has played in world history, her next two books: Waltzing Dixie and Bad Hand tackled, in turn, the untold story of Australians who fought in the American Civil War, and the final solution to the mystery of Fletcher Christian after the Bounty mutiny. Both books piqued interest in the film industry and Bad Hand was nominated for the prestigious UK Mountbatten Literary Award by the First Lord of the Admiralty. Her sixth book: Scallywag and seventh, Rocket Man return to WW2: the first, delving into the murky world of Allied espionage and the mysterious wartime disappearance of Flight 777; while Rocket Man probed into the story of Baron von Braun – the contentious inventor of the deadly V-2 rocket and the Apollo 11 which flew us to the moon. Her subsequent novel, Deep Sleep puts us on Titanic’s deck, going down with it before following the fate of those who sursvived it. It is her pride in Australia that has had her write her latest: Because Our Father’s Lied – the up close and very personal look at the lives, courage and suffering of the men who fought in the Second Boer War and World War 1.

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