Rocket Man


Von Braun: Nazi at NASA

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Paula Astridge
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Pages: 370


<p>Australian author, Paula Astridge, was born in the NSW country town of Inverell in 1958. Based in Sydney, she worked for Rolling Stone Magazine and the Newspaper Industry before co-founding a successful Advertising Agency and then pursuing her writing career on a full-time basis. Her first three books: Golden Boy, In the Way of the Reich and Kill The Fuhrer focused on WW2, respectively profiling the controversial Albert Speer; Hermann and Albert Goering; and the German conspirators of the failed attempt on Adolf Hitler’s life in 1944. Moving then to concentrate on the largely unknown role Australia has played in world history, her next two books: Waltzing Dixie and Bad Hand tackled, in turn, the untold story of the men from Australia who fought in the American Civil War, and the final solution to the mystery of Fletcher Christian after the Bounty mutiny. Both books piqued interest in the film industry and Bad Hand was nominated for the prestigious UK Mountbatten Literary Award by the First Lord of the Admiralty. Her sixth book: Scallywag and now the release of her seventh: Rocket Man return to WW2: the first, delving into the murky world of Allied espionage and the mysterious wartime disappearance of Flight 777 over the Bay of Biscay; while Rocket Man probes into the story of Baron von Braun – the controversial inventor of the V-2 rocket which devastated London and the Apollo 11 which flew us to the moon. It is the unresolved question of him possibly escaping punishment for war crimes, however, which makes this book a must read.</p><br>

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