Master the Art of Fidget Spinning


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<p>Based in South Australias Adelaide Hills, Peter Murray has been setting the publishing world on fire since first launching the 3D World Cup Football book in 2006 - the first of numerous exciting tactile books that have sold in their millions around the world. Lorri Lynn has written more than 30 books on some of the worlds most popular trending subjects, with global sales totalling more than 100,000 and growing daily.</p><br>

Table of Content

<p>4    Whats the deal?6    Who invented it?7    Amazing growth8    The Craze/ Fans v Detractors/ The Fans10  The Detractors12  Types/ The Standard Spinner/ The Torqbar Spinner14  The Tri-Spinner/ The Ninja Star Spinner16  The Ninja Tri-Spinner/ The Six-Point Shuriken Spinner18  The Six-Sided Spinner/ The Fidget Cube20  Construction Materials/ Bearings22  Spinner Design/ Top Spinner Brands24  Spinner Bearings30  DIY Spinners32  30 Awesome Tricks/ The Flick33   The Reverse Flick34  The Index Finger Flick35  The Index Finger Reverse Flick36  The Convertible Spin37  The Table Spin38  The Change-up39  The Bottle Spin40  The Reverse Sonic41  The Chopper Blade42  The Double Cross43  The Rotator44  The Single Tap45  The Leapfrog46  The Straightener47  The Flick Spin48  The Hand to Hand49  The Hat-Trick50  The Vertical Toss51  The Finger-Tip Spin52  The Finger to Finger53  The Chopstick Balance54  The Reverse Flip55  The Double Tap56  The Knuckle Tap57  The Leapfrog Toss58  The Knuckle Tap59  The Under-Arm Throw60  The Under-Arm Combo61  The Over-the-Top62  Have you got what it takes?63  Web Instructional Videos</p><br>

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