Working with other third parties for mutually beneficial outcomes

Woodslane Press works with a variety of other stakeholders to better increase the exposure of good books and the worthwhile causes and services of other parties.

Any book in the Woodslane Press range can be customised to a greater or lesser extent to suit a corporate or other organisational goal or need. The cost of such customisation will depend on the level of changes required and the quantity of books the third party needs.

Woodslane Press will sometimes work with other third parties to produce entirely new books that work in both the retail market and in the arena the third party operates in. The cost of product development will depend on the complexity of the project, the quantity of books the third party requires and the quantity of books Woodslane Press believes will sell into the general retail market.

Whatever your ideas for working with books and book-related content, we’ll be delighted to discuss and evaluate them. Please contact the publisher at





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