Janie Frith's Art Cube

Introducing Janie Frith's Art Cube

Janie Frith, a talented and innovative artist, has recently captivated the local art world with her illustrations and paintings. Janie worked in the Art Cube in in Fish Creek, South Gippsland for 3 weeks and locals were lucky enough to watch her in action.

Inspiration for work

Janie spent time working on the illustrations for the new book to add to the series "Ng in Ningaloo”. With its unique blend of adventure and educational value, this book promises to be a valuable resource for both teachers and allied health professionals. Prepare to dive into the pages of "Ng in Ningaloo" and embark on an exciting adventure that will leave readers hungry for more.
More information about the new book will come later in the year, keep your eyes peeled!

Photos from the experience 

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