Australia's Best 50 Multi-day Walks


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Wendy Bruere,John Chapman,Monica Chapman
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There is a great wealth of wonderful long-distance walks in Australia. Tackling them is often time-consuming and can be very expensive so choosing the right trail for you and your party is an all-important step. Editor and writer Wendy Bruere has assembled a team of experienced Australian writer-hikers, including John & Monica Chapman, to survey and showcase the very best multi-day walks Australia has to offer, ranging from 3-day hops to some major 3-week (or more) challenges, and from right across the continent. Detailed descriptions, essential planning information, illuminating maps and stunning photography will inspire trekkers to lose no time in planning their next adventure. With the walks from this book you could be moved by profound mountain views or experience a living green cathedral, be awed by some of the worlds best coastal scenery or be thrilled by an unexpected wildlife encounter. An Australian great walk can be an exhilarating experience and is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

<p>Wendy Bruere is a writer, editor and freelance adventure journalist. Currently the Assistant Editor of Vertical Life magazine, she has also written for Wild magazine, Great Walks , We Are Explorers , and more. She has collated and edited three previous book anthologies, including the award-winning More Than It Hurts and Adventures in Climate Science . The inspiration to create this book came after she struggled to find accessible material on evaluating which of Australias long-distance treks would best suit her and her walking colleagues likes and circumstances. John and Monica Chapman have been writing walking guides for Australians for over 40 years and are the countrys best-known writers and authorities on the major walks across the continent.</p><br>

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