Where to Ride: Tasmania 2/e

WHERE TO RIDEISBN: 9781921874307

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Andrew Bain
ISBN: 9781921874307
Publication Date: 20/11/2018


About the Author

<p>Andrews passion for cycling was born the easy way - on a 20,000-kilometre ride around Australia (including Tasmania) a decade ago, a journey that became the book Headwinds. Subsequent cycle journeys have seen him towing his children across Europe, cycle-surfing the corrugations to Cape York and lapping around Bali.</p><br><br><p>A former sportswriter who decided he preferred the open road to the half-forward flank, Andrew is also the author of A Year of Adventures and lead author of Lonely Planets Cycling Australia and Walking in Australia guidebooks. </p><br><br><p>He lives in Hobart with his two children and three bikes, which might say something about his priorities.</p><br>

Table of Content

<p>Hobart & Southern Tasmania</p><br><br><p>East Coast</p><br><br><p>Launceston & Northern Tasmania</p><br><br><p>West & Southwest</p><br>

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