The EE in the Deep Blue Sea (HB)


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Judith Barker,Janie Frith
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This is the story of the EE. A curious sound as you can see. The EE in the Deep Blue Sea is a fun Australian-themed phoneme story that teaches young readers about the vowel sound ee and where they can find it in different words. Beautifully illustrated by Janie Frith, the rich colours and vibrant use of multi-media enhance the magical experience. The book explores many undersea and reef environments and introduces children to twenty of the creatures that live there. The first book from Judith and Janie, the OO in Uluru, won a 2019 Book of the Year award from Speech Pathology Australia and there are now 6 in the series: A, EE, I, O, OO and AU. EE in the Deep Blue Sea was first published in 2020 - this is the first time it has been available in hardback format.

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><br> <tbody><br> <tr><br> <td><br> <p>Judith is an English teacher who has taught phonemic awareness to children in Europe, the Middle East, India and China. While researching a masters in phonology, Judith began to use visual language in stories, by colouring the different phonemes, so that children could make a holistic sense of the various spelling patterns. Judith published her first children’s book, The Oo in Uluru, in 2019 and it soon won a Book of the Year award from Speech Pathology Australia. Ee in the Sea followed in 2020 and there are now 6 books in the series. When Judith is not writing children’s stories or plays, she teaches music therapy and meditation. She lives in Melbourne with her family and adorable Australian terriers, Nellie and Dusty. Originally from New Zealand, Janie Frith attended art school and then became an art teacher. In 2006 Janie moved to Australia with her family and now lives in Foster, South Gippsland. Janie holds art classes in her studio, Art Blast. This is where Janie spends most of her time, usually with her naughty border collie Lucy snuggled under her feet.</p><br> </td><br> </tr><br> </tbody><br></table><br>

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