The Hard Way Home


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Allan Roberts
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<p>Born and bred in the Mallee region of Victoria, Allan’s love of adventures travel was sparked by the numerous camping trips across Australia he took with his father, who also bought Allan his first motorbike when Allan was five years old.  After school, Allan worked for the Royal Australian Air force.  Tired of the rigidity of military life he moved to Japan to teach English before returning to Australia and training as a commercial diver.</p><br><br><p>Working as a diver on tuna farms, the lure of travel was again too much.  After backpacking throughout South East Asia and the Middle East, Allan chased a girl to London, where he worked fixing trains.  After two and a half years, Allan wanted to come home, but forever a dreamer he wanted to do it the hard way, on a motorbike.</p><br><br><p>Allan undertook this journey without any support oth financially and logistically, for 2 and a  half years he lived in a tent, sleeping in jungles, deserts, at beaches of some very hostile and very beautiful places of the world, a true test of courage.</p><br>

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