Smart Parenting for Safer Kids


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Prof. Freda Briggs
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<p>Professor Freda Briggs AO, wrote several books on Child Protection, a subject about which she was passionate. She had a long history of employment in child protection as a lecturer and researcher, former teacher, child protection police officer and social worker and, finally, as Emeritus Professor of Child Development at the University of South Australia. Professor Briggs received the Order of Australia (2005), the Inaugural Australian Humanitarian Award, the Centenary Medal, a Rotary International Award and numerous other awards and was Senior Australian of the Year (2000) for her pioneering work in protecting children.</p><br>

Table of Content

<p>Foreword by Dr Sue Vardon, AO</p><br><br><p>Why this Book is Needed</p><br><br><ul><br> <li>Chapter 1 - Laying the Foundations</li><br> <li>Chapter 2 - Choosing Safe Servivces for Your Child</li><br> <li>Chapter 3 - Protecting Your Child from Bullies</li><br> <li>Chapter 4 - Promoting Heathy Sexual Development in Children</li><br> <li>Chapter 5 - What You Need to Know About Child Sexual Abuse</li><br> <li>Chapter 6 - What You Need to Know About Child Sex Offenders</li><br> <li>Chapter 7 - What You Can Do to Keep Kids Safe</li><br> <li>Chapter 8 - Developing Childrens Safety Skills</li><br> <li>Chapter 9 - Hints for Safe Student Travel</li><br> <li>Chapter 10 - Protecting Children in Cyberspace</li><br></ul><br>

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